Enemies but Lovers

Jaeger and Landon are stuck on the island after the crash landing. They are not alone. Aliens call this place home and conflict with each other. It doesn’t take long before the other survivors find them.

Is this relationship one-sided? Are Jaeger’s abilities evolving or have they been there all along? Will he be able to enact his revenge or will it melt away?

Currently, all four chapters can be found for free on Medium and AO3.

Untitled Sci-Fi Project

It’s been decades since the colonies failed. Now the mission to bring them home has begun. It won’t be easy for the Beta Baldrin’s crew. Finding the ‘Lost Generation’ has even more challenges than they ever anticipated.

The college-age children of the colonists begin to notice they have weird abilities. They know what they are experiencing can’t be shared for fear of the government.

In the shadows waits the man who started it all. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Progress: Editing/Rewriting draft 2. Not all details are finalized.

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