March 2023 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the blog! It’s the Round-Up/ Newsletter’s one year anniversary! This time last year, I decided to begin writing at least once a month blog posts. It is my way of focusing on writing books I want to publish one day. It was renamed in January to a Newsletter. This month IContinue reading “March 2023 Newsletter”

The Draft is Done. What Next?

The draft you’ve worked on tirelessly for a year (or longer) is done. Now what? Pat yourself on the back. Writing a book from beginning to end is no easy task. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first or last draft. Completion is still an achievement. What’s next? It depends. What you do next isContinue reading “The Draft is Done. What Next?”

February 2023 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the blog! The shortest month of the year went by slowly. Since finishing my main WIP’s second draft last month, I have been waiting on Beta Reader feedback. I’m not in a rush because I have no pressing timeline. This is the first time I’m allowing multiple people to read theContinue reading “February 2023 Newsletter”

January 2023 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the blog! Going forward my monthly wrap-up posts will be called Newsletters. It’s a new year. Why not try something new? This month has been productive. One of my writing goals for the year has been completed. The second draft of my Sci-Fi WIP is done. All that is needed nowContinue reading “January 2023 Newsletter”

Goodbye 2022!

Hello, welcome to the blog! 2022 is coming to a close. It has been a year of growth and change. Some goals set in my personal and writing life may not be completed this year though I am proud of what was achieved.  I officially started this blog in December 2021 but didn’t post regularlyContinue reading “Goodbye 2022!”

Simily: One Year Later

This month, I will be on Simily for a year. What has changed? Does it still have promise? I talked about this site in a previous post. A lot has changed on Simily in the past year. A major change that happened in August is in order to read a story on the site, youContinue reading “Simily: One Year Later”

November Round-Up

Hello and welcome to the Blog Roundup! This month had some challenging chapters to edit. I didn’t realize I was coming up to the chapter where I needed a box of tissues. As of writing this post, I have not finished the chapter. It’s a ‘Kill your darlings’ kind of chapter. One that needs to beContinue reading “November Round-Up”

October Round-Up

This month went by fast. Most manuscript progress came toward the end of the month. Unlike the past two months, I met my minimum goal of six chapters being edited/rewritten. Building a readership/followers on Medium and Simily has been more challenging than first realized. I get more views here on my blog than I doContinue reading “October Round-Up”

September Round-Up

This month has come and gone. Not many of my main projects were touched this month, but a folder of a handwritten manuscript is now digital. It will need a lot of work when the time comes. I made notes for myself so unless I completely change my mind, I should be good. The beginningContinue reading “September Round-Up”