April 2023 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the blog! April went by slowly. It started strong with motivation to work on projects. Toward the middle, the motivation disappeared. I’m frustrated that it happened. In the past, I would have focused on it and made things worse. This time I worked on other writing related things.

In the second half of the month, I worked on making more old story outlines and notes digital. I made some new notes as I went. It also helped me declutter more. I do love having some handwritten notes around from my stories. Though, it becomes a lot to manage.

This is what else I have been up to…

Writing Progress

Sci-Fi series WIP– Unfortunately, no progress was made this month. The few times I had some inspiration. It was gone before I was able to write. As frustrating as it sounds, I rather this than staring at a blank screen and nothing coming to me.

Annar– I started breaking up the document into individual documents per chapter. This is how I normally write. I wanted to try something different by having all chapters in the same document. After a while, it felt like too much.

After editing the four chapters from last month, I wrote another chapter. I hit a snag in the plot at the moment. It’s nothing huge. I didn’t have the motivation to fix it at the time. I spent some time drawing maps of the world I’m making. It helped me figure out some world-building issues I was having.

Looks like I need to change up my writing routine again. Might help me get back into the normal flow. Until then, see you next time.

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She is a creative and talented writer. Proud author of three published short stories. She currently writes scripts for Powered By Rainbows (PBR) YouTube channel. She has many unfinished manuscripts lying around that also keep me busy.

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