February 2023 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the blog! The shortest month of the year went by slowly. Since finishing my main WIP’s second draft last month, I have been waiting on Beta Reader feedback. I’m not in a rush because I have no pressing timeline. This is the first time I’m allowing multiple people to read the draft. In my first draft, I only had one trusted friend read it.

At the time, that is what I was comfortable with. Now, since I feel it’s polished as possible, I feel more comfortable sharing it with more people.

Between the first and second drafts, the story has gotten longer by 30k. The total is now 130K. In the next draft, there are some things I can probably cut. That could be the inner perfectionist talking, though. So I will wait till the betas are done.

This is what else I have been up to…

Writing Progress

Sci-Fi Series WIP– As I wait for feedback from my Beta Readers, I have been working on the second book in the series. I completed five chapters. They are in no particular order. One of them might be the first chapter of the book. It’s early in the drafting process so nothing is set in stone yet.

At this point, I’m not setting a monthly quota. I did with the first because I wanted the edits done within a year. I didn’t expect to get five chapters complete in one month. Next month, if I write only a handful of chapters, I will be satisfied.

Project Gamma- This is a WIP I originally started in college. It’s another project that has no title. I will be referring to it as Project Gamma. It is an urban fantasy. It’s about a professor that after years of hiding, decides to go back to the realm she was born. The arcane and non-arcane are separated into different realms.

This is similar to another story I started in high school. So, I’m combining the story worlds into one. Both alone didn’t have a lot of backbone regarding the plot. This helps fix both of them.

Other Musings

I have many unfinished WIPs. Maybe some writers have a lot of them too. They also have favorites as I do. Some you want to see fully published. It can be self-pub or traditional. Others you’re ok with being short stories or publishing one chapter at a time.

With this in mind, I have been contemplating making a project a serial novel on Kindle Vella. I’m unsure which story yet. When I know more, I will certainly share all the details here!

If you have any tips or helpful suggestions about Kindle Vella, let me know in the comments.

See you next time.

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