January 2023 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the blog! Going forward my monthly wrap-up posts will be called Newsletters. It’s a new year. Why not try something new?

This month has been productive. One of my writing goals for the year has been completed. The second draft of my Sci-Fi WIP is done. All that is needed now are minor edits and to make sure all names match. Halfway through the draft, I decided to change a bunch of character names.

At this time, I don’t know how long the second draft is. I will know the final word count after the minor edits are complete.

Contest Results

So this was a good learning experience.

Writing Progress

Sci-Fi WIP– As already mentioned, the second draft is complete. What now? When I read over the manuscript one more time, I plan on sending it to friends for Beta Reading. Some of them I know will give me blunt, tough criticism if it’s not good.

I’m about one-third through rereading and I know I’ll need a third draft. I hope that half of the book doesn’t need to be rewritten like last time. I don’t plan on starting the next draft till after my betas are done reading.

Till then, I will start writing book two of the series. By then hopefully, I will have a title picked out for the first.

Other Projects– In between working on the main WIP, I continued digitizing more old notes for other WIPs. The hardest part is figuring out my shorthand from 10 years ago. lol.

Content Moves

See you next time.

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