November Round-Up

Hello and welcome to the Blog Roundup! This month had some challenging chapters to edit. I didn’t realize I was coming up to the chapter where I needed a box of tissues. As of writing this post, I have not finished the chapter. It’s a ‘Kill your darlings’ kind of chapter. One that needs to be done.

I found something new and exciting while scrolling through Twitter. It’s an Indie Magazine called Indie Bites Magazine. It’s a nonprofit magazine that runs contests every quarter. The most current theme is ‘Curses and Castles’. The deadline for submission is December 31st. So I will have to start on that soon if I want to finish in time. 

This is what else I have been up to…

Writing Progress

Untitled Sci-Fi WIP– This month I exceeded my normal quota and finished the month with seven and a half chapters edited. With the current draft, I’m no longer on a strict outline. What I mean by this is, the story has evolved from new edits that I no longer need to rely fully on the old draft. 

With the chapters I have left from the old draft, I picked out 3-5 plot points that still need to happen. This is so I can get to the end. The ending will still be happening at the same place. This time, though, a different outcome. 

Next month, I hope to continue the trend of another 6 chapters edited. 

Other projects– While I am mainly focused on finishing this draft, one day my brain decided to steer me toward another one of my unfinished works. Trust me there are many WIPs. I completed eight pages of world building and Lore for that book. Which is great. By the time I get to it, maybe it will write itself. 


Wakanda Forever– The movie takes place after King T’challa’s, the Black Panthers, death. It becomes apparent that the world sees them as no longer protected and make several attempts to steal the Vibranium. As the story continues, they are met with a threat from the ocean. Namor starts a war with them after not agreeing to help guard Vibranium that is in the ocean. 

I found this movie entertaining, though I am unsure it needed to be close to three hours long. That said, if you’re a Marvel fan, this is a must see movie. There is a lot of build up for potential things as a whole for the MCU going forward. Several recurring characters from the original Black Panther receive character growth. It’s hard to summarize the movie without giving away spoilers. There is an end credit scene (like in every marvel film) and it’s also a must see. 

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