September Round-Up

This month has come and gone. Not many of my main projects were touched this month, but a folder of a handwritten manuscript is now digital. It will need a lot of work when the time comes. I made notes for myself so unless I completely change my mind, I should be good.

The beginning of the month was rough. My fiancé’s family golden retriever, Penny, died. Penny would have been 11 years old this October. She was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer. The vet could not tell how far it already spread. They did what was best for her. Though, that doesn’t make the decision any easier. I will miss her trying to retrieve my socks, nuzzling me awake, and being the lovable, playful girl that she was.

What else I have been up to…

Writing Progress

Untitled Sci-Fi WIP– Like last month, four chapters have been rewritten/edited. Hopefully, in October I can edit at least six chapters. In the past two months, I have not been able to stick to the minimum goal. Though, some progress is better than a total standstill. That would frustrate me more.

Fantasy Indies September

I found this Twitter challenge and decided to give it a try. It wasn’t restricted to just fantasy so I shared details and talked about my Sci-Fi WIP. Three out of four Saturday’s I posted snippets of my WIP. Nothing that was plot spoilers. I only missed two days of posting. Curious about the challenge? You can see all my answers on my twitter page, or browse others participants of the challenge with the hashtag #FantasyIndiesSeptember.

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