August Round-Up

Welcome to the Blog Round-Up! This month went by quicker than anticipated. I stretched myself a bit thin on the different projects I was working on. My time management was not the best, I admit. This month, the publication I submitted two articles on Medium closed up overnight. I do not know the whole story. All I saw were the aftermath articles on how a hate article was published. It went against Medium terms of service. The article was taken down by Medium itself. Afterward, the owner of the publication shut it down with no warning. The owner is no longer on the platform writing either.

This closure did not affect me as much as others. I still feel sorry for those that only wrote for that one publication. At least when the publication closed up, all writers retained the copyright to their work. That is one good thing about Medium. I was able to find one that accepted previously published articles.

It is a reason why I post my work in several places. It helps build an audience and, second in case one place goes under, I’m not in a boat without a paddle. With expanding my audience in mind, I have been thinking of starting a Substack. I have not looked too much into it yet. Do any of you use it and like it? Let me know in the comments.

Writing Progress

Untitled Sci-Fi WIP– This month I did not reach my six-chapter goal. Though the four chapters I did edit I am proud of. Last month I wrote so much that maybe subconsciously I wasn’t as motivated. I hope to pick up the momentum in September. That being said, I’m keeping my minimum to edit at six chapters.

Enemies but Lovers– Chapter 4 was completed. If you didn’t see the announcement post I made earlier in the month, you can find all chapters on Ao3, Medium, and Simily. I have a rough draft of what I want the next chapter to be in my head. I hope to have it completed by the end of next month.


House of the Dragon– I have not finished Game of Thrones. That goes for books and tv show. I decided to watch the first episode of the prequel series because I wanted to see Matt Smith in a different role other than Doctor Who. As of writing this blog post, I have not watched the second episode yet. I am impressed so far. I’m keeping my expectations low. It has already been confirmed that a second season has been ordered. So, we will see how the show progresses.


I have added a summary section to the website. There I will post and update summaries of the current WIPs being worked on. So far, I am showcasing two. Since these are the main ones I am working on.

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