Second Week of Camp NaNoWriMo

This week was productive. I had the highest word count day of the challenge and hit over 25k total. Toward the end of this week, I was skipping around in the manuscript a bit. I try not to do this because this is how I accidentally make plot holes.

The chapter I skipped over is not a hard fix. It’s not one of the more interesting chapters. I will backtrack to that for next week.

For those that are curious about daily word count:

DayWord Count
July 8th2307
July 9th1555
July 10th1550
July 11th3068
July 12th1488
July 13th2739
July 14th 1750
Daily word count for second week of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Somedays, I wasn’t as motivated as others. This said I always did the minimum word count per day. The next day if highly motivated, I stayed at it a bit longer to make up for the previous day.

On my more motivated days, I keep going till the chapter is finished. In longer chapters, I continue till I find a good stop point. Then see if I hit the minimum word count for the day and do something else. It’s worked out well this way.

I’m projected to finish on July 24th. The day has moved up one with the amount of progress I have made. See you next week!

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