June Round-Up

Welcome to the Blog Round-Up! This was a month of noticeable progress on several writing endeavors. Though, it wasn’t smooth sailing. As mentioned in my round-up post in May, Medium is not the best place for fiction traffic. My newest chapter of Enemies but Lovers had no traffic. Simily, on the other hand, it has a couple reads.

The short of it is, when I post more articles on Medium, I will probably delete the story chapters. Future chapters will be posted to Simily and AO3, where they are getting more views. Here’s what else I have been up to…

Writing Progress

Untitled Sci-Fi WIP– Seven chapters have been edited this month. One chapter didn’t need as much work as the rest. Most of the chapters from here need a lot of rewriting. This is to fill in plot holes or make old parts match new decisions I have made.

Camp NaNoWriMo

In July I plan on joining my first Camp NaNoWriMo! At first, I wasn’t sure which of my unfinished works I should work on. I decided to continuing my editing my second draft as the project to work on. It’s the main reason why I stopped editing for a week. Hopefully, this will give a fresh take on the chapters in the next part of the manuscript.

The goal is going to be 50k in a month. Yes, I easily have another 50k of the manuscript that needs to be edited or rewritten. Have I ever wrote 50k in a month? Not to my knowledge. Unless I did when I was younger before I kept track of word counts.

In order to achieve the goal at the end of the month, the minimum word count a day is roughly 1,600 words a day. Some days I know that will be easy to obtain while others will be harder. Will I make hit the goal? Not sure. I want the challenge regardless of a failure. I will make weekly posts about the progress and process. So stay tuned for that!


Obiwan Kenobi– This series could have easily been made into a movie. This is the first Star Wars Disney Plus series I have watched in it’s entirety. Compared to episodes I have seen of the Mandalorian, I rarely paused during the episodes. This series kept my attention till the end.

Each main character had their own character arch. Watching both Obiwan Kenobi and Reva Sevander grow in the story was what made it interesting. Young Leia also grows as the show progresses. Growing up with the prequel trilogy, seeing both Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen together again was awesome. With how it ended, there could be a season two. No official word yet from Disney if that is in the works.

Stay tuned for my posts about Camp NaNoWriMo!

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