Stay on Track Writing Tips

How do you get back into the writing flow when you are at a standstill? Not all tips work for everyone or are created equal. These are some that work the best for most people. 

Do not switch between too many projects

Switching between projects seems like a great idea. It can be if done right. You can’t just start a post, lose inspiration, then never come back to it. This is then an issue.  

When I first started writing, every time I got bored a new story would be born. Then on the flip side, I stayed on one project and would not deviate until it was done. From personal experience, I find having limited projects to work on keeps me on task and more productive. 

Currently, I work on editing the second draft of my current book in progress, a post to my blog, or other professional writing. Not all creatives work the same way. You as the writer will have to experiment with what is right for you. 

Taking Breaks

A common tip seen way too much is ‘writers must write every day’. For some, this is all the motivation they will ever need to maintain focus. In reality, this does not work for all. Life happens. If writing is not your full-time job, you can take a break. 

When you don’t have a looming deadline over your head, taking time to recharge is beneficial for your mental health or anxieties. How much time do you take? That depends on you as an individual. 

For shorter pieces, a few hours is good. For a longer piece, maybe sleep on it. Either way, you can see it with fresh eyes after the break. When not crunched for time, I leave a day in between drafting and editing. Several rounds of edits with an hour or two in between also work well for some. 

Other focus tips

Do you have a hard time working in complete silence? Do you have so much noise around you that you can’t concentrate? Background noise might help. 

I used to only be able to write in complete quiet. When I went to college, however, I had to learn to find something to tune out noisy neighborhoods. I had recently received an iPod and figured, ‘Why not drown out the noisy people with music?’ 

It took some getting used to, don’t get me wrong. It has made me more versatile as a writer. Now I can write sitting in a crowded room with a blaring tv and not be phased when in the zone. 

Don’t clock watch

Without proper context, it does sound weird. What is meant by this is don’t look at a clock while writing. If you sit down to start writing, three hours have gone by and you still have a blank screen. That is going to frustrate you. I know it does when it happens to me!

If you have a schedule to keep but want to write in your spare time, your smart device is your best friend. Why you ask? All smart devices have an alarm feature. Use the alarm to your advantage. 

Set the alarm on your phone or tablet; then set it aside. Then no matter how many social media pings you hear, don’t touch that device till the alarm goes off. As someone who likes looking at memes a lot from my tablet while writing, that is easier said than done. 

With these tips in mind, you might surprise yourself with how much you get done without so many distractions. 


Published by Jade McStar

She is a creative and talented writer. Proud author of three published short stories. She currently writes scripts for Powered By Rainbows (PBR) YouTube channel. She has many unfinished manuscripts lying around that also keep me busy.

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