April Round-Up

Welcome to the Blog Roundup! April was a productive month. Chapter two of Enemies but Lovers has been posted to Simily. This month I joined Medium. Both chapters of Enemies but Lovers are posted there as well. This is in hopes of expanding my work to a broader audience. Medium is a big site compared to Simily. It will take some time to learn different tactics to get my work noticed. In time, the effort I put in will yield results. Below is what else I did…

Writing Progress

Untitled Sci-Fi WIP– Great progress is being made on edits to the Sci-Fi WIP. For most chapters, I’m writing from the ground up. I keep a small list of plot points I still want from the original version while rewriting. Is it a lot of work? Yes, worth it.

I prefer the new take on some of these chapters. Others I’m still not completely satisfied with but are better than they were. Most of the dialogue is copy and pasted over as necessary. This revision process is focused on world-building and fixing plot holes.

This current draft also showed that some characters are no longer needed. The new changes to the plot would make them no longer have a purpose. So far, this makes three characters that I no longer need. By the time I’m done, there might be more. That will be determined as I edit.

In April, I completed nine chapters of edits. This month my minimum goal is six chapters.


I found Moon Knight more entertaining than I originally thought. I knew nothing about this character before watching the show. Without giving spoilers, Moon Knight is a show based on the comics. Steven Grant ‘discovers’ he has multiple personality disorder after he wakes up in possession of an Egyptian artifact and can see the god of the Moon, Khonshu.

The show has its dark moments but I enjoy the interactions between Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Khonshu the most. Oscar Isaac does an amazing job in the role. Though it has been reported that he is no longer playing the role after season 1. I have watched four episodes so far and I can’t wait for the season finale.

Please follow my work on Simily and Medium!


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She is a creative and talented writer. Proud author of three published short stories. She currently writes scripts for Powered By Rainbows (PBR) YouTube channel. She has many unfinished manuscripts lying around that also keep me busy.

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  1. Great writing progress there. I always stop by posts like these to encourage writers like you to keep on keeping on, because I understand how alone we can feel in the journey sometimes. Thanks for sharing, by the way!

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