March Roundup

Welcome to my first Blog Roundup! March went by quickly. I didn’t get nearly as much of my current WIP edited as I would have liked. I am proud of the progress I made with both projects, though. I am also going through old stacks of unfinished projects in my collection and making them digital. Instead of typing them all, this month I’m going to test out Microsoft Word dictate feature to speed up the process of going digital. Below is what else I did…

What I’ve Been Writing

Untitled Sci-Fi WIP– Midway through the month, I have begun to once again edit the second draft. The first draft I completed back in 2018. A combination of procrastination, life getting in the way, and motivation are the reasons why it still isn’t done four odd years later. Also, I recently realized some more world-building needs to be addressed.

Enemies but Lovers Chapter 2– The short story I originally published back in December 2021 on Simily, is going to be continued. When it was first drafted for a contest, it was a stand alone project. Now after rereading it and posting it to Simily, I don’t feel like I am done with the characters just yet. Want to read Chapter 1?

This month coming up I hope to get at least six chapters edited of my Sci-Fi WIP. Stay tuned.

On The Blog…

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She is a creative and talented writer. Proud author of three published short stories. She currently writes scripts for Powered By Rainbows (PBR) YouTube channel. She has many unfinished manuscripts lying around that also keep me busy.

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